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How this viswork's license works for different usages在不同用途中,圖表使用要如何授權呢?
we provide free testing license in open beta stage, which means that you can use these viswork in any cases before we enter official release stage. After officially released, All visworks by PlotDB will be dual license - free for personal use and charged for commercial use. Contact us for more detail.在開放測試階段,我們提供「free testing license」,讓您免費且無限制地使用並測試我們的視覺化。在正式上線之後,由 PlotDB 所提供的所有視覺化作品源碼仍維持個人使用免費,但將針對商業、政府或其它單位使用收取授權費。您亦可與我們連繫,以了解更多細節。

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This dataset owns to someone else, you have to make a copy before using it. Make a copy now?這個資料集是別人的,必須要複製一份才能存檔。那麼、現在就複製一份嗎?

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